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Bruton grad with special needs turns to public to help pay his college tuition

"They've got kids who have the same type of problem I have," Carter, who is developmentally disabled, said of the program. "But they don't show it. We're just like regular kids on campus, but we have a special need."

Chris bounces a basketball underneath a hoop in the Magruder Woods neighborhood. Wearing a green shirt with yellow lettering that reads "Life. Just Live it," he said his disability doesn't hurt him.

"Just because I got one doesn't mean it's going to stop me from hanging out with friends," he said, still bouncing the ball in street just outside of his family's home. "It ain't gonna stop me from playing ball. I'm just blessed to be living."

Blessed to be living, but Chris doesn't want to think about not being able to return to the Mason LIFE Program, a four year curriculum of study designed for students 18 23 with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently there are 68 students enrolled.

"It gives them the full college experience, living on campus, the classes, the whole thing," said Chris' mother, Renee. "Disability" is the way she defines her son's condition. "The classes are set up according to the students' need."

The only drawback, Renee Carter says, is that the only financial assistance available is through Pell Grant funding. That has left the Carters struggling to come up with the necessary funds to keep Chris in the program.

"Personally, I feel "Comprar Gh Jintropin" it's unfair that regular students have access to all types of financial aid," Renee said. "Just because children have disabilities, they don't have "Anaboliset Aineet" that same right. My personal opinion: That's discriminatory."

Chris hopes to raise $10,000 on Anadrol 25 Dosage his gofundme page. So far he's raised $2,751.

Tim B., one of a hundred people who have made donations, posted with his gift, "As someone with Autism, I know the value that a college education can give someone who strives for independent living."

George Mason student Amanda Stecco Comprar Gh Jintropin noted, "More than happy to help a fellow Patriot. Hope to you see you on campus in the Anavar Just Cardio fall!"

The largest single donation since the effort was launched a month ago is $500. Most are in the $10 $20 range.

If the target isn't reached, Chris may not be able to continue in the LIFE program. If he isn't enrolled when class starts on Aug. 22, he will age out of the progam and be forced to drop out.

"I just don't want to even hear the words, 'I'm not going back,'" Chris said. "Because then, I'd just be hurt."

Renee Carter describes her son's disability as mild.

"Chris really flows right along with everything, she said. "He does everything on his own. He's very good in his class."

Renee Carter said Chris is an honors student and participated in the Congressional Internship program in addition to Anavar 1 Hour Before Workout receiving the Mason Life Outstanding Fitness Award.

Family friend LaShaunda Armstrong describes Chris as lively.

"He is a people person," she said. "He's a good kid with a good heart."

Chris has been successful on the basketball court and in track and field in "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" addition to playing intramural softball and soccer at George Mason.

Like his brother, former Bruton High School basketball standout Marcus Carter, Chris fancies himself a combo guard and plays competitively for a Mason LIFE team.

"He's an energetic kid," Marcus said. "He always loves to make people smile and be happy. He likes to talk a lot. Australian Levitra If you first meet him on the street, you'll have a conversation and he'll know a lot about you before you leave."

Renee Carter won't let herself think of her son having to leave George Mason before he graduates.

"I have to say that," she said. "There's no chance he's not going to graduate. He is going to graduate."