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Business column on pet customer service peeves

But the cliche remains because it illustrates an important fact a business' customers are its greatest asset. We can argue about tax cuts for those with high incomes because they are Anavar 80 Mg Results "job creators," but you and I the consumers are the real job creators. If we don't buy there's no business and if there's no business, there are no jobs.

So businesses try to instill a customer service ethic in their employees.

Sometimes they fail. Below I'll be listing a few of my customer service pet peeves, if you have others drop me an email, I'll cover the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) of your peeves in a future column.

1. Personal calls at work I was the last reporter in North America to get a cell phone, so maybe I'm biased, but I'm not completely sure that the convenience of cell phones makes up for the annoyance they cause. My No. 1 peeve is people who are talking on their cell phones while they should be taking my order or ringing up my purchase. First, it's rude to talk on the phone when there is a Equipoise Bloat live person in front of you trying to get your attention. Second, 7 Eleven or McDonald's or Nordstrom's is not paying you to have arguments with your significant other. I'm not sure why companies don't ban sales clerks and cashiers from having their phones with them while they work.

2. Change juggling This is "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" mostly a drive though window problem. You pay for your order and the cashier hands you back your change, coins stacked on top of the bills and receipt. Then, as you're trying to put that jumble away, she thrusts your food out "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" the window at you. Look, I know you're trying to keep the line moving, but giving me 30 seconds to put my change away isn't going to affect the store's efficiency rating. And, while we're at it, the correct way to hand back change is bills first, then coins, then "buy cheap jintropin online" the receipt.

3. Disappearing server This is the server you don't see between the time your entree is served and when she delivers the check. Maybe they are all in the back room making cell phone calls. It's very annoying when you need a drink refill or you dropped your silverware.

4. Hovering server The opposite of the previous entry. This server spends so much time at your table you might think of asking him if he'd like to pull up a chair. Hey, I've waited tables before, I understand working hard for your tip, but there's a line. You cross it when I'm spending more time talking to you than I am talking to my dinner companions.

5. Dirt You can ask my wife or my editor, I'm not a neat freak. There's a mound of paper on my desk threatening to avalanche onto the floor as I type this. But when it comes to places where food is sold or handled restaurants and grocery stores, mostly if the place is not clean, it's not getting my business. I'm more than willing to drive past a dirty establishment to find a clean one.

6. Salesmanship I don't mean everyone in sales. I mean people who can't get off their fake sales script to relate like a normal human being, who ignore customer questions because they've got "the pitch" memorized in sequence. "I'll get to that." Well, since I'm the person you're trying to sell to and I asked the question now, why not answer now? A few years ago when we were buying replacement windows, I ran two salesmen out of the house before I found one who could act like human being instead of a sales robot. And we continued to use his company for our future business.

7. Ignorance This one's pretty simple. If you work in a music store you should know something about music, if you sell computers you should know something about them and if you work in a video game store, you should have played one sometime in your life. My observation is that some companies care about this a lot and some don't care at all.

8. Food teasing Don't take my order and then come back and "Oxandrolone Powder India" tell me you're out of Buy Cialis Norway it. It's your job to know what you're out of before I've got my heart set on it.

9. Check splitting Ask how we want the check split before you bring the check. If you have what are obviously two couples in your section, odds are they want to split the check. I may be particularly cranky about this because being older and the only Bolt 200m male, whenever I'm out to eat with the other reporters, the server puts the check in front of me.

10. Be polite You'd think this would go without saying. Not so much. As my Dad used to tell me about saying "sir" and "ma'am," "it doesn't hurt you any and it makes the other person feel good." It's the same with "thanks," "goodbye" and "have a nice day."