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celebrates another big year

The 2013 2014 season of the Memphis based and internationally syndicated radio show "Beale Street Caravan" has been one of the most crucial in the program's nearly 20 year history.

To celebrate the end of another successful campaign, the roots music show will present the "Beale Street Caravan Blowout" fundraiser Thursday on the second floor of "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" A. Schwab's on Beale Street. The event will feature music from Rev. John Wilkins and the Bluff City Backsliders. There will also be a Memphis inspired buffet from Rizzo's chef Michael Patrick, as well as an open bar with signature cocktails and a silent auction.

"Beale Street Caravan" found itself at a crossroads following the death of its longtime executive producer and spiritual guide, Sid Selvidge in May 2013. Stepping into Selvidge's role "Anabolika Definition" as the program's head, Kevin Cubbins has helped oversee a subtle transition Buy Anadrol Cheap and re imagining of the show, along with veteran host Pat Mitchell Worley.

Cubbins, who worked closely Dianabol 25 with Selvidge for 11 years, has maintained the program's legacy, and also helped broaden the scope of the show expanding beyond its blues foundations and sharpening its focus on Memphis music. "We're still covering our blues bases," says Cubbins. "You can't talk about Memphis music without doing that. But we're trying to look at the bigger picture as well. It's soul, it's R it's roots music, "Anadrol 50" it's even pop if we can connect the dots to Memphis, we'll bring those artists on the program."

Rather than travel to regional and national blues festivals to capture performances, Cubbins has been recording more live shows in and around "Oxandrolone Powder India" Memphis for broadcast.

"There's enough really cool stuff going Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada on around here that deserves the spotlight," he says. "It also enables us to tell the Memphis story, and to incorporate it in almost every episode."

Cubbins and company have made efforts to increase the educational component of the program as well. This past season, Ardent Studios archivist Adam Hill presented a weekly feature on landmark albums cut in the Bluff City.

"That element is front and center; it informs every decision we make," says Cubbins. "We had some real cool historical segments this year. People really loved Adam's 'Made in Memphis' series.

"Once we hit our stride in the middle of the season, we've experienced a mini boom of stations picking up the show," says Cubbins. Also, we've really dug into getting the content out via social networks."

After establishing its own podcast in December, the "Caravan" has been growing exponentially over the last couple of months. "We just hit 7,000 subscribers and are getting more every day," says Cubbins.

The last three shows of the season are about to air. A live recording of Amy LaVere's CD release show at the Levitt Shell will follow. The season finale will air the first week of July, featuring highlights from the recent Big Star Third concert at the Shell.

"Beale Street Caravan" will air a couple of new shows over the summer, then kick off its full season in October.

Hard to believe, but punk troubadour "Wreckless" Eric Goulden turned 60 turned last month. In late September, Goulden will bring his mid '80s outfit the Len Bright Combo to the Hi Tone Cafe to play the annual Gonerfest.

Although his Stiff era work has always been lauded, Goulden's career after his split with the label has produced just as much compelling music. In 1985, Goulden formed the Len Bright Combo with drummer Bruce Brand and bassist Russ Wilkins, stalwarts of the Medway scene and Billy Childish's Milkshakes. The group's debut, the no fi classic The Len Bright Combo Present the Len Bright Combo by the Len Bright Combo (which, famously, cost 86 pounds to record), and follow up Combo Time! have remained beloved by garage and trash rock enthusiasts over the last three "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" decades.

The group split acrimoniously in 1987, and Goulden eventually decided to give up rock and roll and go to teachers college but he ended up in a mental hospital instead. He eventually left England but returned to music. Resettling in the French countryside, he continued to make stellar solo albums, including 1989's Le Beat Group Electrique and 1991's The Donovan of Trash.

Meantime, Goulden's upcoming solo appearance at Murphy's will focus on the Le Beat/Donovan albums, as well as select hits from other parts of his career.